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Solar Outdoor Rock Garden Lights, Pathways

Solar Outdoor Rock Garden Lights, Pathways

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LIGHT UP YOUR GARDEN- Light up your garden and pathway with these beautiful outdoor rock lights. The lights will not only create an enchanting atmosphere but they will also make it safer and easier to maneuver at night!

SOLAR POWERED- These path lights do not require batteries or charging- they are powered by solar energy. Simply ensure that they are exposed to direct sunlight during the day and they will light up on their own at night!

LED LIGHTS- The landscape lights use LED lighting for the brightest light possible!

WATERPROOF- The pathway lights are water and weatherproof. They are designed for outdoor use and are specially sealed, so you can leave them out, come rain or shine!

The LEDs ensure the most brilliant shine and the bulbs never need to be changed! Ultra bright and ultra convenient!


Powered by solar energy, the Morvat rock garden lights don't need to be plugged in or charged- ever!

Simply place them under direct sunlight during the day and they will be good to go at night!
The pathway lights are lit up using high tech LEDs, which are the brightest lights out there!

No need to change bulbs ever again!The landscape lights are completely weatherproof and can withstand rain, snow etc.

So you can place them outside- worry free!Rustic and charming , these lights are designed to add an appealing glow to any outdoor space!


Type: Outdoor Solar Light
Name: Solar Resin Buried Lamp

4.5inches/ 12 cm

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