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Artistic Outdoor Water Fountain

Artistic Outdoor Water Fountain

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The fountain sculpture is a masterpiece of artistry, enhancing your space with infinite charm.


Key Features:

High-quality Material: This fountain decoration is made of resin and is a handmade handicraft. It has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and is durable with a long service life.
Excellent Craftsmanship: Our ornaments feature a superb baking lacquer process that enhances their smoothness and delicacy, giving them a charmingly quaint appearance. The result is a surface that feels incredibly comfortable to the touch.
Release Stress: Experience nature in the sound of flowing water,Regulate Your Mood, Relieve Stress, and Relax Your Body and Mind, enjoy peaceful and restful sleep.
Purify the Air: the Flowing Water Can Adsorb Dust, Bacteria, and Small Fibers in the Air, Thus Purifying the Air and Your Living Space.
Easy to Clean: the Surface of This Product Is Smooth and Flat, Which Is Easy to Clean. You Just Need to Wipe It with a Wet Rag.
DetailsClear Texture: After being meticulously hand-painted, this ornament looks incredibly lifelike, adding a touch of vintage elegance to its flowing design.
Back Wiring: the Back of the Ornament Has a Reserved Connection Space, Which Does Not Affect Its Aesthetic and Ornamental Properties.



Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, studies, offices, meditation rooms, yoga rooms, gardens, hotels, libraries, etc. Creates beautiful scenery and a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, adding a touch of beauty to your favorite spaces.
SpecificationColor: Gray
Material: Resin
Process: Hand-painted, Baked Lacquer
Mounting Type: Free-standing
Net Weight: 20lbs
Gross Weight: 25lbs
Product Size: 14.5*8.2*39.3in
Package Size: 43*17*11in
Package Included1* Fountain Ornament
1* Water Pump
3*LED lights
1* A strip light


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