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20 ft. Telescopic Aluminum Flagpole with U.S. Flag Ball

20 ft. Telescopic Aluminum Flagpole with U.S. Flag Ball

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Lightweight Aluminum Construction: Our flag pole is crafted from durable yet lightweight aluminum, making it easy to transport, set up, and store, without sacrificing strength.

Telescopic Design for Convenience: With its telescopic design, this flag pole offers unmatched convenience. It's perfect for taking on the go to events, camping trips, or for simple storage when not in use.

Rust-Resistant Longevity: Thanks to its rust-resistant finish, you can trust that this flag pole will stand tall and proud through various weather conditions, ensuring it remains an enduring centerpiece for years to come.

Flag-Worthy Quality: Designed to complement your patriotism, this flag pole pairs perfectly with 100% polyester flags, ensuring they wave elegantly in the breeze and resist fading, even under direct sunlight.

All components: 20-foot aluminum woven flag 5 knots 1 golden ball 4 aluminum buckles 1 PVC pipe 1 American flag specification Reinforced 3 corrugated boxes





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